Tongues Have Spun and Undone Empires

Spitshine Poetry is an official University of Texas poetry organization. We have open meetings every Thursday in Parlin at 7 pm. We are building a community of writers, poets and free-thinking people. Join Us!

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cloudsandabigbowlofcherries asked: How do I join?

Show up to one of our weekly Thursday meetings! We are beginner-friendly & aim to create a space where all poets/writers of varying backgrounds and experience levels are welcome. This semester we meet Thursdays at 7pm in Parlin 206. See you soon!

mkrebbyofaustin asked: I didn't realize that UT had a slam poetry team until a friend from home was talking about the CUPSI Competition in Boulder she's performing at with UNCO. How does one get involved with Spitshine?

To get involved with Spitshine, you simply show up :) during the semester, we have weekly writing workshops every Thursday at 7pm, will have open mics and other events as well. We are inactive during the summer, but we still organize informal groups to go to poetry events for the summer. Join our FB group Spitshine Poetry (UT) on Facebook!

30/30 Writing Prompt

Congrats on making it all the way to day 30! UT Spitshine hopes your journey this month has been challenging & useful. The last prompt we have for this month is:

Make a list of at least 15 things you love/strongly enjoy. These can be tangible things such as people and food items, or abstract things such as feelings or goals. Once you have compiled your list (feel free to jot down more than 15 things), write a poem with the title “I Deserve”. Construct the piece by discussing a few major things or a long list of things that you deserve. Make the poem as big or small as you need it to be.

28/30 Writing Prompt

James Baldwin once wrote, “The world’s already bitter enough, we got to try to be better than the world.” What does that look like for you? In what ways are you becoming better than the world around you? When have you been triumphant? When have you failed? Where are you at currently? What motivates you to keep going?

26/30 Writing Prompt

Write a poem that begins with the phrase, “I will go / and while I am gone….”